About Us

When you trust All Southern California Escrow (ASCE) to manage escrow for your transactions, you join the satisfied buyers, sellers and lenders who have relied on the experience, expertise and “can do” culture of a disciplined team of accomplished, dedicated professionals.

Applying best practices of our escrow processing and keeping customers up to date on the progress of their transactions, we have earned our reputation for knowledge, accuracy, attention to detail and a controlled sense of urgency to achieve the quickest close possible. Our customers depend on us to ensure that funds and property change hands after all details and instructions have been carried to completion. So even as we strive to meet customer expectations on closing times, we never compromise the integrity and completeness of our work, always holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance.

Edilia Rojo
Certified Escrow Officer/ Office Manager

Edilia began her career in escrow as an assistant more than 30 years ago. Through hard work and perseverance, she moved up the ranks to escrow officer and eventually to manager and owner. “I’ve been fortunate to have learned from smart and talented people who showed me that customer service is the key to this business,” she says. “And today I am very happy to be a part of a friendly and motivated team who value clients as much as I do.”

Her experience has given Edilia a keen understanding of the nuances within each transaction and the ability to foresee and avoid obstacles that could cause delays in closing. Under her leadership, All Southern California Escrow manages escrows for Traditional Sales, Refinances, Short Sales, REOs and Seller Financed transactions.

“As manager my goal is to establish a presence in this community for ASCE and myself. I enjoy working alongside talented agents and helping them look good to their clients,” she says. “I believe our whole team brings knowledge, experience and dedication to customer service that sets us apart.”

Julie Ortiz
Escrow Officer

As Escrow Officer/Manager, Julie plays a pivotal role at All Southern California Escrow. Her expertise encompasses opening sales and refinance escrows and working them from start to finish. In addition to managing the details that go into balancing and closing all files, she‘s learned, after 19 years working in escrow, that maintaining good relationships with her agents, sellers and buyers is an important part of the business.  

Her day-to-day goals: “Closing on time without any issues and knowing that I try my very best on every file like it’s my own. And to be a fair on every single one of my files.” Julie holds an Associate Degree in science.

Maria Fierros
Escrow Officer

Maria brings 20 years of experience and fluency in Spanish to All southern California Escrow. Like most escrow officers, she learned her craft on the job, accumulating the necessary knowledge and expertise for years before earning her position as an escrow officer.

Though transactions in escrow are often complex, Maria takes performing her duties in stride. “Nothing is challenging in escrow,” she says, “we always have to look for solutions.” Once those solutions are found and the process is complete, her greatest satisfaction is “to see a smile on the customer’s face when we close their transaction.”

Christina Dominguez

Seven years ago, Christina seized an opportunity to begin a career in escrow. Today, as an assistant to the escrow manager, Christina applies her knowledge and experience to make the escrow process as seamless as possible for clients. Her skills and dedication have contributed

to the success of All Southern California Escrow. And she finds satisfaction in knowing her efforts can help people begin a new life in their new home.